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The Jethro Project


… provides a secure, intensive, low-ratio (2:1 student to mentor) tutoring environment for at-risk Athens County Middle school students.


… trains, exposes and supports Ohio University Education Students in tutoring opportunities for Appalachian students at risk of grade failure due to poor academic and behavior performance.


… places students in a place of empowerment to facilitate students in becoming transformation agents and positive contributors to their community.


… directs and engages program participants in local civic and social community service and awaken and increase their sense of regional pride.


…  empowers program participants in experiencing and discovering the powerful combination of a positive family environment and academic success as a meant to creating a desired, fruitful life.


… exposes students to a variety of event and career options for their consideration and future interests.


… develops the gifts, skills and talents of students as a way to build confidence and cope with life’s challenges.

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