Each one. Reach one. Teach one. Change One.

Our Mission

At A Glance

The mission of the Francine C. Childs Early Learning Center is derived from the educational philosophy of Rev. Dr. Francine C. Childs: “Each one, reach one; each one, teach one; each one, change one; each one, love one.” The Childs Center will teach students to recognize their unique place in the world by exposing them to ways in which they can make an impact regardless of their age. We accomplish this by providing a safe, stimulating environment in which students are offered educational programs in music, art, and language, as well as exposure to various community-based activities.


Our goal is to train tomorrow’s leaders today by teaching them skills and concepts that shape their future, one child and, ultimately, one family at a time.

Note: These facts are based on projections and estimates an are subject to change.


# of Children at Capacity:  48 (estimate)

Care Ages: 0-5 years old

# of full time employees: 4

# of part-time employees: 6

# of sq. ft.:    2100 sq/ft.

Play area# of sq. ft.: 3600 sq/ft. (enclosed by galvanized       fencing)

Hours of Operation:  6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Licensure: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Market Comparison:  Second Largest Infant-to-5  Center in Athens County

Annual Projected Revenue: $330k

Annual Projected Expenses: $257k

Projected Startup Costs:  $35k

Projected Opening Date:  Early 2015


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